Senior Prosecutor Tackles the Tough Ones

Chuck Peters brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to Fauquier County as Senior Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney

Warrenton, VA, November 16, 2018 – According to Commonwealth’s Attorney, Jim Fisher, his “senior staff” brings “years of experience and know how” to the court cases they handle.  One of those folks, Charles K. Peters, Esq. came to Fauquier County via the Fairfax County Police Department.

Chuck Peters, Senior Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney

“Chuck recently worked overtime to achieve a tough result on a tragic case,” said Fisher.  In Commonwealth v. Mendoza, Peters’ work paid off in convincing a Fauquier jury to convict Mendoza for Manslaughter in connection with a traffic crash that claimed the life of
Dr. Kathryn M. “Katy” Krista, a beloved member of the Fauquier equine community & talented Veterinarian on January 5, 2018. 

Manslaughter charges require proof of “criminal negligence” which the law defines as gross, wanton and culpable negligence that results from behavior that shows a callous disregard for human life.

Mendoza fell asleep behind the wheel, but the callous disregard was proven by evidence that he had dozed off twice during that trip and continued driving rather than stopping for sufficient rest.  “This is a good example of my office’s policy, which is to try these cases and work hard to convince the jury, even though the evidence may not be a total slam dunk when it comes to establishing legal definitions, I believe that when fair minded jurors hear these cases, they generally come to the right conclusion,” said Fisher.  Fisher assigned his senior prosecutor to the case knowing that Peters would “pursue justice vigorously,” he concluded.

Deputy Chief Chuck Peters with President G.W. Bush

Chuck Peters, a Fauquier resident, enjoyed a full career with the Fairfax County Police where he retired as the Deputy Chief of Police.  Supervising a department of over 2,000 employees contributed greatly to his experience in the criminal justice arena.

Peters show here during a portion of his career flying helicopters for FCPD

Peters was also a pilot during his tenure with Fairfax and flew many medical evacuation/transportation  cases over the years.  At the end of his time as a police officer, Peters attended law school and became an assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney in Fairfax.  Fisher recruited Peters to fill a Senior slot with his office in Fauquier after Paul Walther was elected Commonwealth’s Attorney for Culpeper County creating a vacancy in Fisher’s office where Mr. Walther had served as a senior prosecutor.  “I’ve been fortunate to have some top level senior assistants with Paul, and now Chuck, and our community has benefited from their tremendous experience,” said Fisher.  “Moreover, with Jamey Cook, Abigail Owens and Amy Cassandra, our team is one of the most experienced teams in the Commonwealth,” Fisher opined.  “I’m very pleased with the level of professionalism and devotion they have for the justice system in Fauquier County, he concluded.

Fisher maintains a tier of newer prosecutors who also possess “great credentials” and gain experience and get “good results” in the lower courts, he said.  “We also serve the General District Court where traffic and criminal misdemeanors are prosecuted, along with juvenile court”, he explained.  “The newer attorneys aggressively pursue the right results in those courts while the senior team tends to handle the more serious cases,” Fisher explained.  “However, the goal is to continue the professional development of the newer team members so that they are eventually handling more and more serious matters in the Circuit Court, which they are capably doing at a nice pace,” he added.  “The whole office, along with our support staff and investigators bring so much to the table for the community…I’m very pleased and proud of their hard work,” Fisher concluded.

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